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   Here you will get to know something about my work. Being a  Medical Doctor with clinical exposure in Nigeria, Cameroon and now in the UK, I have some  experience of medicine both in the developing and developed world  that I can share.

    Most of what you will come across on this site is from my work in Cameroon, where I spent three and a half years working in a system suffering under the weight of severe crises. However, I will also make references to medical practice elsewhere.

 I do have a lot of interest in Mathematics/Statistics (where I posses a B.Sc) and I am sure this has developed my scientific mind.

 Visit the photo page and get a glimpse of some of my activities in Cameroon with a view to making suggestions and recommendations in the Guest book. You are also invited to participate in the Health Info forum by  clicking on the link on the left of this page.

Also do visit the Weblog (link provided below) to get latest information in the health area. Here, you will also have the opportunity of making comments on the issue at hand.






 Looking back at my years of working in Cameroon, I imagine how difficult it could have been to accomplish anything if not of the collaboration of my colleagues; most of all my wife, Dr. Gladys Ngwa who is a soulmate and a colleague, Drs Thierry Schouame, Kenneth Muko, Leslie Chingang, Pierre Tuyindi, Niba Suh, Ernest Tebo, Chebo Cornelius, Laah Njoyo and many others. Ofcourse not forgetting the nurses of Njinikom Catholic hospital Mathilda Tingu, Judith Ndi, Anne Waindim, Joe Akom and all the others who work in very difficult circumstances but unfortunately, don't get much appreciation from the people they are serving.